Dataqsoft is an initiative by few PhD’s, educationalist experts, Industries experts and IS/IT Professionals in the area of technology innovations and entrepreneurship.

Dataqsoft is a strategic consulting service analyzes your organization’s business strategy to make relevant recommendations on how to exploit best practices and technology to achieve a competitive advantage in the marketplace. The Dataqsoft consultants who provide this service are industry leading experts with in-depth knowledge and experience of how to architect a solution that positively impact a corporation’s bottom-line (increase RoI and decrease TCO ), while mitigating risks for our clients.

Once Dataqsoft’s strategic consulting services have worked with you to define a solution strategy, our implementation services are engaged to provide the architecture and technical expertise necessary to build a complete solution.

Dataqsoft’s specializes in constructing Digital solutions, Consulting , management consulting with SAP S/4 HANA, AI, ML,IOT, Cloud services, SAP Big data services, Data quality management(MDG,MDM), business intelligence / data warehouse and managed meta data environments that provide significant return on investment (“ROI”), while being built on a sound architecture that is scalable to meet our clients’ demanding business needs.

Dataqsoft offers world-class training taught at the client’s choice of location. This broad range of courses, taught by the leading practitioners in the fields of Digital solutions, SAP S/4 HANA enterprise managements, UX, Bigdata, AI, ML, Clouds, meta data management, data warehousing, data governance and stewardship, and enterprise data management, provide superior educational value that can be customized to meet your needs.